Laboratory for the Psychology

of Child Development

and Education


Lison Bouhours

After  her Master's degree in Neurospychology and Cognitive Psychology from Paris Descartes University in 2014, Lison took part in a research study at HEC Montréal (Canada) on the topic of "creativity, emotions & personality". She also had the opportunity to carry out an internship working with children with developmental problems. She began her PhD thesis at LaPsyDÉ in October 2015 under the supervision of Mathieu Cassotti and Wim De Neys. Her research project focuses on the influence of the social context on inhibitory control from childhood to adulthood. 




Osmont, A., Moutier, S., Simon, G., Bouhours, L., Houdé, O., & Cassotti, M. (2017). How Does Explicit Versus Implicit Risk Information Influence Adolescent Risk‐Taking Engagement?. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 30(5), 1093-1103.