Laboratory for the Psychology

of Child Development

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Marine Moyon

After a Bachelor in Physiology & cellular Biology (Nantes, 2014) and a Master in Neuroscience – with as specialty Behavioral Science (Caen, 2015) and Psychology of developpement (Paris Descartes, 2016), Marine began as a PhD Student at the LaPsyDE in october 2016, under the supervision of the Dr. Grégory Simon. Her research focuses on the anatomical modifications of the regions underlying executive functions through development. More precisely, she is currently studying the evolution of different cortical markers in the key regions of inhibitory control at different life stages. Another aspect of her work concerns the functional aspect of the brain. Namely, the links between efficiency in inhibitory control and functional networks during resting state. Finally, Marine wishes to observe the relevant modifications of the functional connectomics supporting an enhancement of cognitive performance.


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