Laboratory for the Psychology

of Child Development

and Education

Valérie Datin-Dorriere

Valerie DATIN-DORRIERE is a Neonatologist MD, working in the NICU of the CAEN’s university hospital. Her main topic is the neurodevelopmental outcome of preterm children. After 10 years of pediatric consultation with these children and her participation in the French epidemiologic study on preterm birth, EPIPAGE 2, she is particularly concerned about interventional programs that could be offered to them. She is actually a clinical investigator in national interventional studies on langage (EPILANG, LAMOPRESCO) and working memory (EPIRMED) in preterm children. She just entered the LaPsyDe, in october 2017, as a doctorant, under the supervision of Pr N Poirel, PhD and PrA Cachia,   PhD to study the executives functions, specifically the inhibitory control, in school age preterm children, with an interventional approach. This study takes place at the GIP Cyceron imaging plateform, in CAEN.