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of Child Development

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Emma Hilscher

After obtaining a Master of Psychology of cognitive and social development of children and adolescents at Paris Descartes University, Emma started a PhD at LaPsyDE, under the supervision of Pr. Grégoire Borst. Her thesis project is part of a collaboration involving LaPsyDE and Cogito’Z & Développement. Cogito’z is an European psychology center specialised in giftedness. In this context, the research aims to investigate if high potential is characterised by a greater executive function efficiency, and more specifically to determine the existence or not of a developmental pattern of the inhibition capacities in this population.

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Roell, M., Viarouge, A., Hilscher, E., Houdé, O., & Borst, G. (2019). Evidence for a visuospatial bias in decimal number comparison in adolescents and in adults, 1–9.