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Lucia Manzione


Ph. D student

Paris Cité University

After a degree in Psychological sciences of development, personality and interpersonal relationships, and a master's degree in Clinical-dynamic psychology at the University of Padua, Lucia completed a one-year internship in educational psychology at the Developmental and Socialization Psychology department of the University of Padua and at the Emotion Lab at Karolisnka Institute. In 2023 she began a PhD at LPsyDE' under the supervision of Dr Teresa Iuculano, on the StrApMat project. The project studies the cognitive mechanisms underlying arithmetical learning and performance in children from low socio-economic status (SES).


Mason, L., Tarchi, C., Ronconi, A., Manzione, L., Latini, N., & Bråten, I. (2022). Do medium and Context Matter when learning from multiple complementary Digital texts and videos? Instructional Science, 50, 653–679.


Ronconi, A., Veronesi, V., Mason, L., Manzione, L., Florit, E., Anmarkrud, O., & Bråten, I. (2022). Effects of reading medium on the processing, comprehension, and calibration of adolescent readers. Computers & Education, 185, 104520.

Mason, L., Manzione, L., Ronconi, A., & Pazzaglia, F. (2022). Lessons in a Green School Environment and in the Classroom: Effects on Students’ Cognitive Functioning and Affect. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(24), 16823.

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