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Lucile Duguet


Ph. D student

Paris Cité University & SOFT KIDS

Graduated from the Master of Psychology of Cognitive and Social Development of the Université Paris Cité, Lucile is now doing her PhD at LaPsyDÉ under the co-direction of Pr Olivier Houdé and Mrs. Solène Bocquillon-Le Goaziou, president of the company SOFT KIDS.

During her studies in Psychology, Lucile became passionate about learning and pedagogy at different levels (cognitive, social and emotional). During an exchange program at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), she studied the different theories of learning, multiple intelligences, cognitive-behavioral and emotional intelligence.
During her master's degree, she conducted a research project linking cognitive-behavioral therapies and metacognition in a clinical context.
Her research project is involved in the creation and evaluation of a program for the development of social-behavioral skills (such as perseverance, metacognition and critical thinking) in primary and secondary school settings. The goal is to study the effect of these skills in the context of academic, social and professional success, academic and personal well-being and the reduction of social inequalities.

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