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Margot Rémeau


Ph.D student

Paris Cité University

"After completing a Master's degree in Educational Psychology at Université Paris Cité, Margot joined LaPsyDÉ to complete her doctorate under the supervision of Pr. Grégoire Borst.
As part of her master's degree, she focused on the development of metacognitive skills and their specificity or generality to domains, conducting her research under the supervision of Pr. Grégoire Borst at LaPsyDÉ, as well as an internship at the Brain Institut. At the same time, she participated in various projects focusing on the impact of cognitive, metacognitive and socio-emotional functions on the reduction of educational inequalities.
Following on from her master's degree, her thesis project aims to (1) develop new tools for assessing cognitive, metacognitive and socio-emotional skills in primary and secondary school pupils, and (2) determine whether these skills are predictors of academic success, and whether educational inequalities, particularly present in our educational system, can be partly explained by inter-individual differences in these skills. This thesis is being realized within the framework of a COFRA agreement with the Direction de l'Évaluation, de la Prospective et de la Performance (DEPP), of the French Ministry of Education and Youth."

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