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Mayara de Sá


Visiting ph.D student

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

After obtaining a Master's Degree in Psycholinguistics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in 2019, Mayara joined the LaPsyDÉ and the Acesin laboratory in Brazil to do a doctorate under the supervision of Alex de Carvalho (LaPsyDÉ - University of Paris) and Aniela França (Acesin - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). Her research focuses on the cognitive mechanisms that young children use to learn their native language and how these mechanisms develop and then improve over lifespan. To figure out and better understand the learning strategies employed by young children, Mayara conducts behavioral studies based on the measurement of gaze time and speech production in children and also in adults.


Lage, A., França, A. I., Pinto, M., Soto, M. Ribeiro, N. L., & Costa, S. M. C. S. (2019). Eye-Tracking Children’s Acquisition of Three Types of Recursive Computations Using PPs in Brazilian Portuguese. Linguistic Analysis, 42 (3-4).


França, A., de Carvalho, A., Lage, A., Pinto, M. (2014). The acquisition of coordination of PPs and the acquisition of recursion of PPs: how to fare the development of these computations? Revista da Abralin / Brazilian Association of Linguistics, 13(2), 333-350. doi: 10.5380/rabl.v13i2.39617

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