Mélanie Maximino-Pinheiro

Ph.D student

Paris Cité University,
LIEPP, Sciences Po

After completing her first two years at Université Paris 13 Villetaneuse, Mélanie obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2019 at University of Paris. Then, she integrated the Master of Children's Cognitive Development and Educational Psychology during which she had several experiences among children with neurodevelopmental disorders, and in particular learning disorders, allowing her to obtain the title of Psychologist in 2021. During her Master’s degree, Mélanie also worked as a research assistant in the Educational policies group at Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP) at Sciences Po, and at LaPsyDE Labschool of University of Paris. All of these experiences demonstrate Mélanie’s interest in scientific research, clinical practice and educational design.

Mélanie began her PhD at LaPsyDE in September 2021 under the supervision of Grégoire Borst and in co-direction with Carlo Barone, Professor of Sociology (OSC, LIEPP, Sciences Po). Her research works focus on (1) the links between metacognition, academic achievement and socio-economic inequalities among young children; and (2) the ways to improve metacognition applied to education among this population. During her first year of PhD, Mélanie returned to the LIEPP as a research assistant for the Educational policies group. She is part of the multidisciplinary research team of the Project 123CP composed of psychologists, sociologists and economists from University of Paris, Sciences Po and Paris Dauphine. The project involves implementing and evaluating a randomized controlled trial of a parenting support program aiming at fostering 'self-regulated learning' skills (motivation, self-efficacy, cognitive and metacognitive skills) among first grade children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.

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