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Mélanie Maximino-Pinheiro


Ph.D student

Paris Cité University,
LIEPP, Sciences Po

After graduating from the master’s in Psychology of Children’s Education and Cognitive Development at the University Paris Cité, Mélanie joined the LaPsyDÉ to begin her PhD under the supervision of Grégoire Borst and Carlo Barone. Her dissertation work aims to (1) study the links between metacognition, academic achievement and socioeconomic status in young children aged 5 to 7 and (2) evaluate the effect of different interventions aiming at promoting metacognition among this population. Mélanie is also an affiliated member of the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP) at Sciences Po. In this context, she collaborates with sociologists and economists in the field of public policies which aim to reduce educational inequalities.

Maximino-Pinheiro, M., Menu, I., Boissin, E., Brunet, L.A., Barone, C., & Borst, G. (2024).  Metacognition as a mediator of the relation between family SES and language and mathematical abilities in preschoolers. Scientific Reports, 14, 10392.

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