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Nicolas Beauvais


Ph.D student

Paris Cité University

"After completing a dual bachelor's degree in biology and philosophy, I pursued a Master's program in cognitive science at ENS Paris and Université Paris Cité (Cogmaster). During this program, I had the opportunity to acquire diverse research experiences in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and behavioral sciences. Indeed, I was able to study the transition between unconscious and conscious processes in professor Claire Sergent's team at INCC (UPC), the ways in which these processes influence our behaviors -particularly environmental ones- with Coralie Chevallier at LNC2 (ENS-PSL), and how this knowledge can be harnessed to improve public policies (DITP, Behavioral Sciences team).
Passionate about how conscious and unconscious processes shape our decision-making and our assessment of other people's choices, I subsequently joined the LaPsyDé to pursue a PhD focused on the domains of reasoning and decision-making, under the supervision of Professor Wim De Neys.
More specifically, my doctoral research project aims to deepen our understanding of the various factors that come into play when evaluating decisions made by other agents, whether they are human or artificial intelligences."

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