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Nydia Vurdah




Paris Cité University

After obtaining a Master degree in the Psychology of Cognitive and Social Development (Dev-Master) at the University of Paris (ex-Paris-Descartes) in 2020, Nydia joined the LaPsyDÉ for a PhD under the supervision of Pr. Grégoire Borst and the co-supervision of Dr. Arnaud Viarouge.
As part of her Master degree, her research works (under the supervision of Dr. Arnaud Viarouge) and her internship (under the supervision of Drs. André Knops and Ilse Coolen) at the LaPsyDÉ focused on the contribution of "domain-specific" and "domain-general" processes to the development of numerical competencies.
In line with her Master research works, her thesis project aims to better characterize the key factors in the development of early numerical competencies. She is more specifically interested in the cognitive mechanisms implicated in the ability to focus on number during development, which she studies using behavioral and electrophysiological (EEG) methods.


Vurdah, N., Vidal, J., & Viarouge, A. (2023). Event-Related Potentials Reveal the Impact of Conflict Strength in a Numerical Stroop Paradigm. Brain Sciences, 13(4), 586.

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